01d) Puerfons NMN12000 Preimum <ANTI-AGING CAPSULES> 抗衰老膠囊 (金鑽版) x 3樽

01d) Puerfons NMN12000 Preimum 抗衰老膠囊 (金鑽版) x 3樽

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Revolutionary formula combines the three most effective anti-aging

ingredients of Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN), resveratrol and

CoQ10. Amount of NMN of the Premium Edition has been increased

from 6000 mg to 12000 mg for amplified benefits:

• Anti-aging: Inhibit the aging of cells, activate protein SIRT1

(the longevity genes) to enhance the lifespan and metabolism

of living cells

• Cellular health: Boost cellular energy and self-reparation ability

• Brain functions: Activate brain cells for higher attentive and

concentration ability, improve memory descending problem

• Cardiovascular health: Reduce harmful cholesterol, prevent

platelet clotting, lower the risk of heart diseases or stroke

• Heart functions: Optimize blood circulation and pressure control

• Joint health: Alleviate inflammatory disorders and joints pain

• Sleeping quality: Help insomnia and fight physical fatigue

• Skin nourishing: Inhibit the decomposition of collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

• Keep fit: Boost energy production derived from decomposition of fat and protein


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