5ai) LIMITED OFFER - XSlim Enzyme Detox 天然酵素排毒顆粒(30條裝) x 3盒

5ai) LIMITED OFFER - XSlim Enzyme Detox 天然酵素排毒顆粒(30條裝) x 3盒

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Includes: 30 XSlim Enzyme Detox packets, 5.5 grams packets

Designed for: poor intestinal function

All the natural extracts used in this new product enhances intestinal motility. The product aims to remove harmful toxins that food may contain from GMOs or enhanced animal products. By removing toxins from the intestine, constipation, indigestion, acid reflux, or stomaches pose less of a threat to your health. 

Active substances

  • psyllium husk
  • fermented wheat powder (wheat, sugar, salt)
  • sesame meal
  • yeast hydrolysate powder
  • kelp powder
  • ulmus pumila powder
  • arrowroot powder
  • aloe extract powder
  • ginger extract powder
  • zanthoxylum schinifolum powder
  • glucomannan
  • lactic acid powder
  • strawberry essence
  • stevia


  • enhance intestinal motility 
  • improve intestinal immune system
  • relieve toxins from food
  • resolve constipation
  • improve body health

Application: Consume 1-2 packets each day before dinner with sufficient amount of water. Continuous routine will result in continue healthy intestinal motility.


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