XSlim Enzyme Detox

What is XSlim?

 XSlim is the exclusive product to Claro's skincare mission. XSlim is a detox designed to enhance poor intestinal function. XSlim removes harmful toxins in the intestines. XSlim improves intestinal function. With less toxins, the skin becomes even more clear. 

Healthy Intestinal Function

Claro is a strong advocator for good, clean, and fair food because the saying "you are what you eat" is a very scary true statement. As technology increases with more chemical injected into our food, it is hard to see what we eat. Many chemicals in our foods such as GMOs or enhanced animal products contain toxins that post a threat to health. The intestine is another important immune organ that protects our bodies. If toxins accumulate in the intestines, this can be very harmful to the health. In addition to healthy skincare, Claro believes maintaining healthy intestinal function is very critical for a healthy lifestyle.

XSlim Performance

XSlim contains various natural ingredients from the latest Korean natural enzymes products. It is a special Lisse Health product. 

XSlim aims to

  • enhance intestinal motility 
  • improve intestinal immune system
  • relieve toxins from food
  • resolve constipation
  • improve body health

XSlim is a powder that is ingested with sufficient water. It is recommended to take 1-2 packets a day before dinner. Continuous use is recommended to prevent toxin accumulation in the intestines and to maintain intestinal health!