Our Story



"Claro" is Spanish for clear. Claro Beauty is clear beauty.

We are a Hong Kong based online beauty retail store to Lisse and ship worldwide. Lisse was established in 2011; Claro started in 2018. Claro started in the hopes to reach a larger audience beyond Lisse for the awareness of healthy, silky smooth skin.

Because our skin acts as protection for our cells and organs, it is very hard to hide. We must deal with our skin conditions and how people may react to it. However, with adequate care of the skin, we may soothe it, clean it, and significantly change the way we feel and look. We hope you will join Claro's mission to raise awareness for skin health and care for your own.

Our Mission

When people think of "health," they usually think of diseases, cardiovascular health, or weight, and rarely do people think of the skin. But the skin is our largest organ, covering our entire bodies. It provides many chemical and physical barriers from exposing our cells to the dangers of our environment. That is why we believe it is important to care for the health of our skin and preserve its youth. 

Skin disorders are common and can have emotional impact such as acne. Claro sells products with advanced formulas proven to soothe skin, firm skin, protect skin, and repair skin to overall increase the health of your skin.

The time to care for our skin is every day, any time. It is clear to Claro that caring for our skin at a young age maintains its youthful health and protection. Not only will this prevent skin aging, but this will keep you fresh and young.

We hope you will join Claro to appreciate and protect skin health.

Claro Beauty is clear beauty.



Lisse in Hong Kong is a medical spa that provides many medical skincare to pursue a physical and mental peace for a better lifestyle. Lisse focuses on collagen reshaping, skin cell regeneration with tailor-made consultation services for guests to receive the best professional medical beauty service.