3) Skin Technica B5 Moist+
3) Skin Technica B5 Moist+

3) Skin Technica B5 Moist+

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Includes: B5 Moist+, 1 fl oz, 30 ml

Designed for: moisturize skin / daily skincare / all skin types

The natural extracts work to improve cell circulation. The skin smoothens and is soothed to be healthy. While doing so, the skin DNA is also repaired from any damage. Collagen production is promoted to ensure the skin stays firm and young. 

Active substances

  • hyaluronic acid
  • vitamin B5
  • vitamin B3


  • improve cells circulation
  • promote collagen production
  • repairs skin DNA 
  • moisturizes skin thoroughly

Application: Apply the serum to face in the morning and evening. 


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