01h) Puerfons PM Fitoplus cream 夜間修復 PM深層滋養面霜

01h) Puerfons PM Fitoplus cream 夜間修復 PM深層滋養面霜

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Supercharged with clinically proven active ingredients, sleep with Puerfons Night Repair PM Fitoplus Cream and wake up with healthy glowing skin filled with boosting nourishment, radiance and intense hydration. Making dull and aging skin a story from the past!

  • Anti-Aging: Block free radical activities which cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA, continuously exert anti-aging effects
  • Nourishment: Small Penetrate the deeper layers of skin, normalize the sebum secretion, and refine pores
  • Smoothing Effect: Firm the mesh of the skin tissue, restore smoothness and delicacy of the skin
  • Balanced Complexion: Inhibits pigmentation by improving capillary oxygenation


          HOW TO APPLY

          Apply to clean face and neck every evening, massage until fully absorbed. After 30 days of use, the effects will be obvious and significant. Continuous usage can keep the skin young and healthy.


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